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    8 Flexible Seating Options For Schools and Classrooms

    Students and teachers should feel inspired by their learning space, not confined by it. Flexible classroom furniture encourages movement, allowing teachers to change up the learning environment. Our k to 12 sales specialist, Sarah Irvine, understands the need for mobility and adaptability in schools! She helped us choose our top 8 flexible seating options for…Read More

    Our Canadian Bucket List

    In the midst of a record-breaking heatwave, we can firmly say that Summer has arrived! Looking for some travel plans? We’ve got you covered. We asked our team for their top Canadian bucket list experiences. If someone was visiting Canada what should they see, eat, or do? Here are some of our top picks. Experience…Read More

    Our Top Canadian Healthcare Furniture Manufacturers

    This year, many of us have learned the importance of having access to dependable healthcare. Providing our healthcare facilities with top-of-the-line furniture to support patients and professionals has always remained our top priority. There are many excellent healthcare furniture manufacturers here in Canada who have done extensive research to ensure they provide safe and supportive…Read More

    A Letter From Our Owner | Q1-2021

    Allwest has been pleased to showcase our new facility to current and prospective clients while maintaining COVID safety measures and precautions. We are excited to showcase Hush Acoustics, Ven-Rez Products, and Carbon Graphics. These new partnerships will allow us to diversify our product and service offerings to our clients. Hush Acoustics is an exciting Manitoba-based company that…Read More

    6 Reasons To Choose Demountable Walls Over Drywall

    It’s the big debate for many first-time buyers, demountable walls or drywall? Many look at the initial cost of movable walls and are quick to choose drywall. However, there are many benefits and factors to consider that might mitigate the price in the long run! We collaborated with our Architectural Walls Specialist, Andrew Chivers, to…Read More

    Our Top School Furniture Manufacturers

    There are many elements to creating a supportive learning environment, such as comfortable student seating, ergonomic teacher desks, and collaborative study spaces. We’re proud to be a school furniture supplier. Here is a list of our top educational furniture for schools K through 12.  Mien Mien is a one-stop-shop for upper elementary,  junior high, and…Read More

    Commercial Office Furniture and Design Trends in 2021: The Hybrid Workplace

    It’s a new year, and a lot has changed. Many employees are permanently or temporarily working from home, shifting office dynamics. As we lift measures, there will be a period where only part of the workforce returns to the office, while others continue to work from home. This split creates a hybrid workplace, which is…Read More

    A Letter From Our Owner | Q4-2020

    As a company, Allwest has persevered through these challenging times. We have continued to take on new projects and have helped new and existing clients adapt their workspace to meet the changing demands. Our team has continued to work tirelessly to make sure each project is carried out safely and efficiently. We’ve also remained committed…Read More

    Our Top Canadian Furniture Manufacturers (Part Two)

    We believe that it’s essential to support local businesses and Canadian manufacturers now more than ever before. There are plenty of Canadian brands that make modern commercial furniture suitable for your workplace, healthcare facility, school, or home office. Discover innovative solutions that help you stay inspired, productive, supported, and healthy. We’re making a continuation of…Read More

    A Sneak Peek of Our New Edmonton Office

    If you haven’t already heard, we’re moving! By the end of October, we’ll be relocated to our new office space at 101-13420 149th Street NW in Edmonton, Alberta. It will be the second move in our company’s 46-year history. We fully customized the facility to showcase industry-leading commercial furniture solutions and thoughtful office space planning.…Read More

    Our Top Height-Adjustable Desks For Your Home Office

    It’s no secret; long periods of sitting reduces circulation within our bodies, compromising our health and productivity levels. Some have even gone so far as to call sitting “the new smoking” as studies continue to link it to a slew of health issues, such as heart disease and stroke. It’s important to note that the…Read More

    Our Favourite Canadian-Made Office Furniture Products

    From innovative modular seating and screens to reliable wellness solutions, Canadian manufacturers know the value of a well-designed, insightful product. Canada features some of the top furniture manufacturers in the world, offering timeless state-of-the-art furnishings that’s built to last. Here’s some of our top office furniture products that’s made in Canada SaniTower | MityBilt Durable,…Read More

    How To Encourage Physical Distancing With Your Office Space Plan

    There are many different factors to consider when designing a functional workspace. Now that we’re slowly coming out of a pandemic, we’re faced with a new set of challenges, such as creating solutions for privacy, physical distancing and video conferencing. Here’s some helpful tips for redesigning your office to make it safer and more functional…Read More

    How to Create Privacy Within an Office Space

    As we return to work, it’s almost guaranteed that there will be more demand for privacy. The post-COVID workplace will feature more barriers, space and sanitation points to protect employees as we transition into our new normal. Every business will set their own privacy standards and every employee will have their own set of boundaries.…Read More

    Our Favourite Ergonomic Accessories For Your Home Office

    Working from home longer than expected? It might be time to reevaluate your work space. Many people are experiencing aches and pains from their temporary office setup. Poor office ergonomics, along with taking infrequent breaks, can lead to improper posture and reduce circulation—causing headaches, eyestrain and body pain. You may not be ready to invest…Read More

    Working from Home? Here’s Some Tips to Keep You on Track.

    Started working from home? Your average day of work now includes lounging in your sweatpants, throwing on some Netflix and unlimited access to kitchen snacks—sounds nice, right? Until you’ve powered through two episodes on Netflix with your laptop perched on your lap, wide open and no work done. To put simply, working from home is…Read More

    Our Response to COVID-19

    To Our Customers: In wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have temporarily implemented some new precautionary procedures at Allwest Furnishings to better protect our staff and customers. These changes are in-coherence with the latest government updates on all three levels.  We Change The Way We Work.™  We have remained dedicated to changing the way…Read More

    The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For Your Workplace

    We spend the majority of our time sitting in a office chair, so be mindful of your seat. The rising demand for ergonomics have influenced office furniture trends and created a new standard in the modern-day workplace. So what is the purpose of ergonomics and why is it so important? The purpose of ergonomics is to…Read More

    Office Furniture and Design Trends in 2020: Changes Over the Decade

    A new decade has officially arrived! We’ve seen some significant changes in business over the past 10 years, from a spike in social media influence and technological dependence to the rise in sustainability and workplace wellness. If the 2010’s gave any indication of what to expect in 2020, we can anticipate more progressive changes in…Read More

    How Office Furniture Affects Employee Productivity

    “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace” –  Doug Conant A healthy, motivated and productive workforce is the strongest competitive advantage you can attain as a company. A major part is hiring the right people and building a supportive culture, but office design and furniture can also play a key…Read More