Our Top Canadian Healthcare Furniture Manufacturers

This year, many of us have learned the importance of having access to dependable healthcare. Providing our healthcare facilities with top-of-the-line furniture to support patients and professionals has always remained our top priority. There are many excellent healthcare furniture manufacturers here in Canada who have done extensive research to ensure they provide safe and supportive products. They have consulted with professionals in hospitals, elder care, and other healthcare industries to ensure that every detail is purposeful and useful and useful to the end-user. Providing comfort for patients and support for healthcare workers is the ultimate goal. 

We collaborated with our sales consultant, Sanjay Sebastian, who specializes in providing effective healthcare solutions, on this blog to provide you with a list of our Top Canadian Healthcare Furniture Manufacturers.

Globalcare by Global Furniture Group

Globalcare is a division of Global Furniture Group and provides healthcare furniture solutions for hospitals and eldercare facilities. Based in Toronto, Ontario, this Canadian furniture manufacturer specifically designs furniture in response to industry needs. Globalcare offers a large selection of healthcare furniture products. They have medical furniture solutions for bariatric patients, eldercare, behavioural health, patient rooms, and cafeterias. They also offer a wide selection of commercial office furniture that can be used for nursing stations and admin staff. 

Looking for fabrics that can withstand the rigorous standards of disinfection and cleaning in a healthcare environment? Globalcare offers a variety of fabrics and finishes that have been tested with medical-grade disinfectants and chemicals to meet IPAC (Infection Prevention and Control) regulations and ensure product longevity. 

Featured Healthcare Product 

Globalcare’s Primacare is a series of ‘one spec’ healthcare seating that’s easily repairable, replaceable, sustainable, and reconfigurable onsite with no downtime. It’s a great solution for acute care and long-term care facilities. Primacare’s design focuses on infection control and considers housekeeping timeframes and workloads. Their modular products provide an accessible 360° cleanout with no open creases in the metalwork that can harbour contaminants. Primacare finishes are continuously tested against the most current hospital-grade disinfectants and cleaners for integrity and longevity.

Some Key Features:

  • Arm Options: Open, Closed, Grip Extention 
  • Optional Fold Down Headrest
  • Waterfall Clean Out
  • Removable Upholstery
  • Metal Mesh Pan
  • Wallsaver Legs


Located in southern Ontario, Canada, Krug offers a wide range of office and hospitality seating, tables, and casegoods. Krug is a healthcare furniture manufacturer that brings exceptional and aesthetic value to the market by using a customer-centred development process. They offer an extensive range of seating and tables for reception and waiting areas, a broad offering of motion and sleep furniture, and patient room furnishings. They’ve also manufactured products for specialized treatment areas, such as cancer care and behavioural health. In fact, their diverse selection of behavioural health furniture is one of their strongest assets along with the level of detail and consideration that went into each piece.

Featured Healthcare Product 

Krug’s Zola Behavioural Health was developed out of extensive research and consultations with leading behavioural health facility specialists. Zola was designed for the protection and safety of patients and caregivers. It’s durable to withstand the demands of behaviour health while also providing a warm aesthetic making the environment feel less clinical. 

Some Key Features:

  • Tamper-resistant hardware
  • Inaccessible Staples
  • Ligature Prevention
  • Springless Seat Construction
  • Wall Saver 
  • Arm Panel Base
  • Non-Removable Glides 

Barbican Health

Barbican Health specializes in protective guards and lighting solutions that are washable with all Health Care grade antimicrobial cleaners, making it suitable for areas with high sanitary requirements, such as healthcare and food service facilities. Based in Ontario, their protective guards can be mounted to desks, suspended from ceilings, and freestanding. Their different shapes and sizes can accommodate virtually any hospital or office space, offering your team protection against germs and viruses. Their lighting solutions come in carrying shapes, sizes, and colours, adding warmth and a playful detail to any space. 

Featured Healthcare Product 

Barbican’s Straight DeskGuard is the perfect desktop solution for protecting employees and visitors. The Straight DeskGuard is free standing with felt or removable adhesive on the feet. It’s made from clear .116” thick PETG designed to be cleaned with hospital disinfectant, unlike acrylic. These Guards are available in various finishes, including custom printing.

Some Key Features:

  • Mounting Options: Removable Adhesive, Felt Pads, Clamps
  • Material Options (All PETG): Standard Clear .116, Translucent, Printed Pattern, Laminated Fabric
  • Custom Sizing Options Available To Fit Your Space.


Located in Mississauga, Ontario, Allseating is a Canadian healthcare furniture manufacturer that has over 30 years of industry experience! Allseating specializes in healthcare seating, offering options for patient rooms, lounge spaces, guest seating, conference rooms, and task chair for offices. Each piece has different build and fabric options to ensure its seating meets the demands of your hospital environment. Their healthcare seating features a durable steel frame and modular components for easy cleaning. 

Featured Healthcare Product 

The Exchange Modular by Allseating is a collection of lounge seating, tables, and screens that are modular, reconfigurable, and accessible. They are created to address post-COVID-19 trends by offering flexibility and division. Privacy screens increase physical distancing while maintaining an open floorplan environment, allowing proper communication and collaboration. The screens can easily be removed once the need for separation declines. Designers have the option to create a straight or curved layout. This collection is great for lounge spaces, or as a touchdown point in an office. Available in safe, cleanable fabrics. Integrated technology can also be incorporated for conferencing or presentations.

Want to learn more?

There are so many innovative healthcare furniture manufacturers in Canada to choose from, each one taking its role in patient care and professional support seriously. Looking to source a Canadian manufacturer in your next hospital or healthcare project? Contact us today. We’ll guide you through the brands and help pick the right products for your facility. 


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