The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For Your Workplace

We spend the majority of our time sitting in a office chair, so be mindful of your seat. The rising demand for ergonomics have influenced office furniture trends and created a new standard in the modern-day workplace. So what is the purpose of ergonomics and why is it so important? The purpose of ergonomics is to create an office space that is safe, supportive and efficient for human use. Providing effective workplace ergonomics can reduce injury and strain from repetitive tasks as well as increase employees’ energy and productivity levels. Today office chair manufacturers are competing to create the latest breakthrough in ergonomic design. The market can be overwhelming, so here’s a list of our top ergonomic office chairs!

Sabrina by Teknion

A supportive, yet flexible backrest.

The Sabrina task chair by Teknion is a simplistic, mesh-back office chair that offers consumers both fit and flexibilitymaking it one of our top ergonomic desk chairs. The Sabrina features a unique ring-shaped backrest to support the body in it’s natural resting position. Sabrina’s seat height and depth adjustments helps promote circulation by reducing pressure from behind the knees. It also features a forward-tilt option with a synchronized back to provide additional posture options without compromising ergonomic support. Optional additions include a headrest support, pivoting armrests and a height-adjustable lumbar support.

You by Allseating

Lifts the spine for the ultimate back release. 

Allseating has been developing effective ergonomic solutions for office seating since 1982. The You task chair was designed to suit the way you sit. It can quickly adapt to any user, making it ideal for workplaces with unassigned seating or conference rooms. The unique lumbar adjustment promotes active seating by increasing the lumbar depth while lifting the spine—reducing pressure on your sit bones. Users experience a release in their spine which reduces back pain and allows them to focus on the task at hand. The You offers numerous other ergonomic features, such as synchro tilt and adjustable armrests. Allseating designed You with cost efficiency in mind, making ergonomic seating affordable.

tCentric Hybrid by egroCentric

Features an airy mesh seat through innovative technology. 

The tCentric Hybrid combines breathable mesh fabric with supportive ergonomic features to create a classic in the making. Although mesh is a light hygienic fabric, many office chair manufacturers avoid using it for the seat because of it stretches overtime, which creates pressure points behind users’ thighs and limits circulation. EgroCentric uses a patent-pending Airless Cushion Technology to protect the mesh from being over stressed, offering better long-term ergonomic support. It also reduces tension in the upper body with 3 levels of adjustability for the armrest . The lumbar support offers 5” of back height adjustment, allowing users to create the perfect alignment. Backed with a 12 year warranty, you can’t go wrong with the tCentric Hybrid!


CXO 6200 by Nightingale Chairs

Stay cool and comfortable with memory foam formulated from silicone. 

The CXO 6200 office chair by Nightingale Chairs unites mesh, memory foam and 4D lumbar support to create the “most comfortable chair in the world”. The Ablex ™ mesh promotes airflow and provides a sophisticated look. The Enersorb ™ Foam—a standard on the chair’s seat and lumbar—is formulated with silicone to strengthen the foam and provide a cooling sensation. The CXO 6200’s contoured back has thoracic lumbar support that can be adjusted height and depth wise. Other office chair features include 4D adjustable arms, a synchronous knee-tilt mechanism, pneumatic height adjustment and an optional adjustable headrest. This sleek, yet supportive design is a great addition to any space.

Freedom by Humanscale 

Taking ergonomic aesthetics to the next level with a timeless design. 

The Freedom chair by Humanscale incorporates sophisticated weight-sensitive and self-locking recline mechanisms to eliminate the need for manual adjustment. Freedom works with the user’s weight to perfectly adjust the tension and recline of the chair, providing support throughout their work day. The pivoting backrest was designed to move with users while providing lumbar support. The synchronous armrests are attached to the back to move with users and provide one-hand adjustments. Freedom also features contoured cushions to reduce pressure points and equally distribute weight. Humanscale’s simplified ergonomic design sets Freedom apart from other task chairs by easily adapting to each user, allowing them to move freely. 


Providing supportive ergonomics is becoming a standard in the modern-day workplace. Create a healthy work environment for your staff by investing in effective ergonomic seating, desks and accessories. Want to learn more? Contact our experts!

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