Our Favourite Canadian-Made Office Furniture Products

From innovative modular seating and screens to reliable wellness solutions, Canadian manufacturers know the value of a well-designed, insightful product. Canada features some of the top furniture manufacturers in the world, offering timeless state-of-the-art furnishings that’s built to last. Here’s some of our top office furniture products that’s made in Canada

SaniTower | MityBilt

Durable, reliable sanitizing solutions.

Canadians supporting Canadiansin response to the coronavirus pandemic, MityBilt created the SaniTower, a hands-free sanitizer dispenser that features a foot pedal for activation, keeping users safe while discarding the need for batteries or power. The SaniTower is made in Manitoba and available in different height and colour options to accommodate different users. It’s built to last with Canadian raw materials that can withstand both indoor and outdoor use. Stay safe and sanitized with the SaniTower. 

Tekbooth | Teknion

Create privacy in any floor plan 

Sometimes we just need some privacy. The Tekbooth by Teknion offers a private retreat for last minute phone calls, individual work and a much needed break. Ideal for occasional, short-term privacy, the Tekbooth features a free-standing design that can easily accommodate any floor plan. Enjoy sound isolation with their built-in acoustics that absorbs different frequencies and reduces echos. Customizable interiors lets the booth work for your company’s needs. Find privacy anywhere, with the Tekbooth. 

Zetti Fit | Rouifllard

New innovations digital communication 

Video conferencing is part of our new norm, so make space for it. The Zetti Fit by Roulliard offers a clutter-free video conferencing space that features a small work surface mounted to a vertical media panel, tucking away excess cords and plugins. The Zetti Fit accommodates smaller groups and it’s compact size makes it ideal for smaller spaces. The minimal design is classic and modern, perfectly complimenting any aesthetic. Start collaborating more freely and safely. 

MOS Tall | Three H

Create a private place while maintaining an open space

Here’s innovation at its finest! Imagine private offices without doors or walls. The MOS Tall by Canadian manufacturer Three H is a large one-inch-wide laminate divider that reaches up to 7 feet high! The additional height gives more space for private office configurations without closing off the workplace, leaving plenty of room for walk by traffic. The panels also accommodates lockers and casual seating, providing the perfect place to lounge and collaborate. The possible office configurations are infinite! Create your space your way with MOS Tall by Three H.

Nomad Screens | Nienkamper

Create new divisions in an instant. 

Nienkamper is a Ontario-based manufacturer that has set new standards for office flexibility. Their Nomad series features a range of freestanding and desk screens that allows users to manipulate and create new spaces instantaneously. Their unique cut and shape sets them apart from competitors, allowing them to be placed in the middle of tables and workstations. Rezone your workspace with Nomad screens. 


Modular seating with a multitude of integrations. 

BEATBOX by OFGO is a range of modular lounge seating that features versatile options to create a customized finish. BEATBOX consists of a selection of sofas, screens and tables that can be used to create collaborative spaces or individual pods. The screens can help encourage social distancing within a space while also providing some privacy for informal meetings. Technological integration is available to keep people connected and charged. Never miss a beat with BEATBOX. 

We proudly support a multitude of different Canadian furniture manufacturers, all with a unique style and specialty. Contact our experts to learn how we can help source Canadian-made furniture for your space. 

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