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    Posts in Category: Education

    8 Flexible Seating Options For Schools and Classrooms

    Students and teachers should feel inspired by their learning space, not confined by it. Flexible classroom furniture encourages movement, allowing teachers to change up the learning environment. Our k to 12 sales specialist, Sarah Irvine, understands the need for mobility and adaptability in schools! She helped us choose our top 8 flexible seating options for…Read More

    Our Top Canadian Healthcare Furniture Manufacturers

    This year, many of us have learned the importance of having access to dependable healthcare. Providing our healthcare facilities with top-of-the-line furniture to support patients and professionals has always remained our top priority. There are many excellent healthcare furniture manufacturers here in Canada who have done extensive research to ensure they provide safe and supportive…Read More

    Our Top School Furniture Manufacturers

    There are many elements to creating a supportive learning environment, such as comfortable student seating, ergonomic teacher desks, and collaborative study spaces. We’re proud to be a school furniture supplier. Here is a list of our top educational furniture for schools K through 12.  Mien Mien is a one-stop-shop for upper elementary,  junior high, and…Read More

    The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs For Your Workplace

    We spend the majority of our time sitting in a office chair, so be mindful of your seat. The rising demand for ergonomics have influenced office furniture trends and created a new standard in the modern-day workplace. So what is the purpose of ergonomics and why is it so important? The purpose of ergonomics is to…Read More

    How Office Furniture Affects Employee Productivity

    “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace” –  Doug Conant A healthy, motivated and productive workforce is the strongest competitive advantage you can attain as a company. A major part is hiring the right people and building a supportive culture, but office design and furniture can also play a key…Read More

    4 Tips on How to Incorporate an Activity-Based Working Floor Plan

    You may have seen the terms “activity-based working” or “ABW” offices frequently in recent news. Activity-based offices has been a popular trend in modern-day offices and other commercial spaces, but what is activity-based working and what does it have to offer? In ABW floor plans employees are given the choice to change their work environment…Read More

    Our Top Canadian Office Furniture Manufacturers

    We’re proud to be Canadian and to work alongside some of the top office furniture manufacturers in Canada! Canadians have an eye for craftsmanship, creativity and design. From sophisticated lounge seating to intricate desking and storage systems. Here’s a list of Canadian office furniture manufacturers that will take your space to the next level.  Teknion…Read More