8 Flexible Seating Options For Schools and Classrooms

Students and teachers should feel inspired by their learning space, not confined by it. Flexible classroom furniture encourages movement, allowing teachers to change up the learning environment. Our k to 12 sales specialist, Sarah Irvine, understands the need for mobility and adaptability in schools! She helped us choose our top 8 flexible seating options for schools and classrooms.

1) Flex Floor Modular Seating by Mien

Stackable, lightweight, and configurable. The Flex Floor Modular Seating by Mien is a collection of curved and straight benches that are available in a variety of sizes and fabrics. It’s a great simplistic option for classrooms, lounge spaces, and libraries. The foam furniture rests directly on the floor and is lightweight, allowing teachers and librarians to easily reconfigure the pieces into a variety of options. The non-slip material bottom allows units to be stacked without the worry of sliding, creating endless options and flexibility. Whether you need a large seating space for group work or small pods for individual reading, Mien’s Flex Floor Modular Seating adapts to the learning activity. 

2) Variable by Teknion

The ultimate multi-purpose chair! The Variable chair by Teknion is offered in a large selection of styles and finishes, allowing it to effectively integrate into any learning environment. Variable is stylish yet durable and is ideal for informal spaces where reconfiguration is encouraged. The HybrED chair is an all-in-one take on the student task chair featuring options such as a rotating worksurface and storage under the seat. It’s also offered in a high stool design for labs, a stackable guest chair option for cafeterias or flexible learning spaces, and a swivel conference-style chair for teacher meeting rooms. Variable is the go-to chair for all things school!

3) Rukus by KI

It’s time to shake up your learning space! KI’s Ruckus Chair was designed for student engagement, giving them the option to choose how they sit, learn and interact. The back of the chair is designed to act as either a backrest, armrest, or tabletop, adapting to a variety of users and uses. It allows students to effortlessly move and rearrange themselves with minimal disruption as they switch learning activities. Available as 4-leg or stack chairs in 15” or 18” seat heights, all poly or with upholstered seat, with glides or casters, and an optional bookbag rack. 

4) River HT by Global Furniture Group

Create a collaborative hub for students! The River HT Global Furniture Group is a collection of modular lounge seating designed to withstand the demand of high trafficked areas and use. Choose from a variety of different interlocking pieces to create unique shapes and sizes that fit your learning space. Global’s option of integrated power keeps students charged up as they get ready to score high on their next project! The different back options allow us to create both open communal spaces or private hubs. The River HT is ideal for libraries, breakrooms, hallways, and classrooms. Create a space for students to connect or collaborate with just one piece of furniture! 

5) Fractals Seating by Studio TK

Optional screens for added privacy. Fractals Seating by Studio TK features three simple pieces: a lounge chair, an ottoman/bench and a couch with a lower or optional higher back that creates a degree of privacy. It’s designed to act as a broad canvas on which to use a variety of colours and textures to create playful looks. It’s a great addition to virtually any learning space for focused work, one on ones with students, or group projects. The Fractals collection also recently added Factals Nook, a work surface option with a high screen to create intimate desk carrel for individual focus assignments–a great option for libraries!


Offering the components to create virtually any space. BEATBOX by OFGO is a collection of modular sofas, screens, and tables, allowing customers to have the full creative design of their space. Whether you need a private oasis or open space for group projects, BEATBOX has the tools to create your ideal learning space. BEATBOX screens attach onto the back and/or sides giving the flexibility to transform a seat into a private enclosure or small booth. The optional integrated power keeps students powered up throughout the school day.

7) Rad Pad by Ten Jam

Make any space a learning space! Ten Jam’s Rad Pad is a floor and seat pad designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s easy to wash and disinfect, so take it anywhere to change up your learning environments! Whether it’s for circle time, outdoor education, or group projects, Rad Pad will be students’ seat of choice.

8) Pavar by Allermuir

A comfy space to relax and collaborate! Paver by Allermuir is a modular family of cushioned seating that can be configured in numerous ways to create sofas and soft seating islands. It’s ideal for lounge spaces, study areas, and libraries! Paver is available in a variety of new fabrics, paired with striking turned-out seams that enhance the range’s possibilities. Want to see it for yourself? Visit our showroom to see our purple model. 

The options are endless. Contact us to help create an inspiring and healthy space for both students and staff!


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