Our Top School Furniture Manufacturers

There are many elements to creating a supportive learning environment, such as comfortable student seating, ergonomic teacher desks, and collaborative study spaces. We’re proud to be a school furniture supplier. Here is a list of our top educational furniture for schools K through 12. 


Mien is a one-stop-shop for upper elementary,  junior high, and high schoolsoffering furniture options for both students, teachers, and admin staff. Find classroom desks, ergonomic chairs, modular lounge seating, collaborative work tables, supportive technologies, and effective storage solutions. Mien’s product line is the perfect balance between functionality and playful design. 

Featured Product: The Flex Step creates is a collection of modular, tiered lounge seating, giving it the flexibility to create a reading space in any corner. 


Ven-Rez has been one of Canada’s top manufacturers of school, institutional and library furniture since 1948. Ven-Rez is dedicated to creating furniture that fosters a flexible and collaborative learning environment supporting both students and teachers throughout the school day. Their education furniture varies in size, making it an ideal fit for kindergartens through grade 12. 

Featured Product: The Freedom Series tables are constructed using the latest technology to increase flexibility and efficiency in the classroom.


Spec is a Canadian furniture manufacturer that offers some great student workspace options, particularly for kindergarten and early primary classrooms. Find children’s work tables, chairs and modular lounge seating for classrooms or libraries. 

Featured Product: Spec’s Snowflake provides a creative space for children to play and learn. Spec offers a variety of finish options, encouraging designers to let their inner child out and create spaces that are unique and fun.

Global Furniture Group

Global Furniture Group is a Canadian school furniture manufacturer based in Ontario. Global offers great educational furniture solutions for junior high, high schools, and even post-secondary. They also offer a wide selection of supportive furniture for teachers whether it’s height-adjustable teacher’s desks, ergonomic chairs, podiums, storage, or presentation furniture pieces. Their student desks feature a classic look, while their lounge has a more modern and sophisticated design. 

Featured Product: Zook is a table series that can be used in a range of configurations, enabling students to work independently or collectively.


KI offers a variety of different school furniture that’s ideal for all schools from primary to secondary. Discover furniture options for the classroom, library, cafeteria, and office. KI features a range of furniture sizes to accommodate students from kindergarten through grade 12. They use intricate designs to promote flexible classrooms, helping teachers transition from topic to topic. 

Featured Product: The Ruckus Chair’s unique design allows students to quickly change from focused to collaborative work on the fly without the disruption of rearranging furniture. 


Paragon offers educational furniture ideal for all schools k through 12. Their furniture varies in size to accommodate all students and is available in different colours to match your school’s athletic. From work tables and student desks to classroom stools and lounge seating, Paragon has you covered. 

Featured Product: Paragon’s MAKER® INVENT™ Tables is designed to provide the perfect place for students to build and create. Bring your ideas to life with the MAKER® INVENT™ Table.

Building a supportive learning environment not only for students but teachers is essential for every school. Let our team guide you through our products to help find the perfect pieces for your school. Contact us today!

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