How Office Furniture Affects Employee Productivity

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace” –  Doug Conant

A healthy, motivated and productive workforce is the strongest competitive advantage you can attain as a company. A major part is hiring the right people and building a supportive culture, but office design and furniture can also play a key role. Investing in a supportive environment that facilitates productivity can optimize workflow and overall profits. Here is how you can use office furniture to increase employee productivity. 

Invest in Ergonomics 

Office ergonomics plays an essential role in employee productivity. Ergonomic furniture is designed to reduce discomfort by fitting the workplace to the user’s needs. Keeping employees supported throughout the workday will reduce common physical distractions, allowing them to focus on work. There are many ways to include ergonomics in the workplace. 

Office chairs are a great place to start considering we spend the majority of our day seated! There are many task chairs that provides a selection of customizable features such as lumbar support, seat depth, seat tilt, armrest adjustments and more. Investing in an ergonomic task chair can improve employees’ posture and circulation, keeping them energized and comfortable. 

Mobility also plays an essential role in workplace productivity. Staying active in a workplace can help improve circulation and increase energy levels. One of the best ways to encourage movement in the office is by incorporating a height-adjustable desk, which allows employees to effortlessly change postures. Don’t want to invest in a new desk? Consider a height-adjust desk converter to transform any desk to a sit stand!

Sometimes great ergonomics is in the details! Our favourite accessories to keep employees comfortable and productive throughout the workday include adjustable monitor arms, foot rests, foot mats and adjustable computer mouses. Ergonomic accessories can have the biggest impact on employee efficiency by addressing wrist, ankle and neck discomfort. 

Find Effective Storage Solutions

Out of sight, out of mind. A tidy space can help reduce distractions and keep employees focused on the task at hand. A 2013 study revealed that individuals exposed to a disorganized environment are more susceptible to self-regulatory failure and show less persistence on challenging tasks. Effective storage solutions can also encourage organization in an office space and allows employees to work more efficiently. 

There are many customizable storage solutions that allow you to tailor your organizational needs to your work style. The TN storage and accessories by Teknion offers modular storage components in varying sizes, making it a perfect fit for any user and space. Taking the extra step to hide cords and cables can also help minimize visual distractions in the space.

Diversify for Activity-Based Working

Activity-based working has been on a trending topic in the industry recently. Check out our latest blog post to learn how to incorporate activity-based working into your office floor plan! Giving employees the option to choose their work environment as they engage in different activities. The idea is to create spaces that are designed for a particular activity, such as collaboration, to increase the efficiency of the workspace. For example, Teknion’s Tek Booth provides employees with a distraction-free workplace for private, focused work. There’s also options, such as collaborative booths, designed to facilitate communication in the office space. 

Set the Environment

The office environment can have a direct impact not only on workplace productivity, but employee wellness. A recent study found that the presence of natural light reduced eyestrain and headaches while improving employees’ energy levels. In fact employees’ work performance can increase by upwards of 70% according to a Harvard study. Window coverings, such as Solarfective, can utilize natural light while filtering out heat, harmful rays and glare—putting the power of the environment back in consumers hands. 

In addition to light, acoustics can also play a major role in productivity. More than a third of employees surveyed in a study reported that noise distractions impact their concentration. There are a variety of acoustics that can be incorporated into your workplace to absorb a multitude of frequency levels. Hear the difference for yourself in Snowsound’s video

Biophilia is a concept that’s being introduced into more workplace designs to improve employee wellness and productivity. Biophilia is the human tendency to seek connections to nature. You can add biophilia to your space by incorporating more furniture with a natural wood finish or plants. 

Modern office furniture can have a major impact on employee productivity. Creating a work environment that is supportive, healthy and effective encourages your team to efficiently carry out work activities. Investing in quality furniture can also add a sense of professionalism that motivates people throughout the workday. Not sure where to start? Contact an expert today so see how you can make an difference in your environment!  


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