Our Top Canadian Furniture Manufacturers (Part Two)

We believe that it’s essential to support local businesses and Canadian manufacturers now more than ever before. There are plenty of Canadian brands that make modern commercial furniture suitable for your workplace, healthcare facility, school, or home office. Discover innovative solutions that help you stay inspired, productive, supported, and healthy. We’re making a continuation of our Top Canadian Furniture Manufacturers blog, showcasing Canadian furniture brands that offer quality products and thoughtful design.

Three H

Three H is an Ontario-based manufacturer that puts their own spin on the classic workspace, from workstations and private offices to meeting spaces and secure storage solutions. Their product lines feature playful colour pallets, sophisticated lines, and modern finishes, giving designers the freedom to be creative. Some unique products for this Canadian manufacturer include MOS Tall, 7-foot screens that offer more privacy without closing off space. They also provide stunning locker solutions to give employees a secure place to store their belongings. Three H encourages interior designers to play and create with different materials, shapes, colours and finishes to create a personalized workspace.

Storage Lockers | Three H


Based in the Okanagan valley, Heartwood has become one of the largest office furniture manufacturers in Western Canada. Ordering on a tight deadline? Heartwood’s competitive lead times average at 3-4 weeks, giving customers access to quality office furniture fast. Their customizable solutions range from comfortable task seating to height-adjustable desks, making them an excellent option for home offices and workplace additions options. Discover fast and practical office solutions with Heartwood. 

Workstations | Heartwood

Studio TK

Social spaces done right. Studio TK offers a diverse selection of modern seating, tables, screens, and accessories to help designers create the perfect collaborative hub or private oasis. As the workplace continues to evolve with the rise of digital communication, the need for a small, informal meeting space to video chat will grow. Studio TK’s product range features a modern, timeless design with personalized fabric options. One of our favourite Studio TK product lines is Havn, which is a selection of high-backed lounge seating, creating a degree of privacy in open spaces. Facilitate communication with Studio TK.

Havn | Studio TK


Waking up with aches and pains? ErgoCentric offers ergonomic office solutions to help users feel comfortable and supported throughout their day. Their product range includes intricate task seating, sit-to-stand desks, and ergonomic accessories— creating comfort that can be enjoyed from the office or home. ErgoCentric doesn’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to chair design, which is why they offer build-to-order options to accommodate each user. Whether you’re 6’5 or 4’9, ErgoCentric is committed to creating uncompromised support for every user.

HÅG Capisco | ErgoCentric


Our last Canadian furniture manufacturer is Barbican. Barbican offers solutions for lighting, walls, acoustic, ceilings, and health. Barbican is located in the small Ontario town of Fort Erie and has been designing innovative fixtures for the past 30 years. They specialize in laminated fabric fixtures and custom lighting. We love their great selection of protective guards, which are ideal for high volume workspaces and healthcare facilities. The different sizes and shapes give designers the flexibility to accommodate different spaces.

DeskGuard | Barbican

As you can see, there are many skilled furniture manufacturers in Canada! We are proud to partner with some of Canada’s top brands and create new inspiring spaces. Contact our team to learn more about sourcing Canadian brands for your space. 

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