6 Reasons To Choose Demountable Walls Over Drywall

It’s the big debate for many first-time buyers, demountable walls or drywall? Many look at the initial cost of movable walls and are quick to choose drywall. However, there are many benefits and factors to consider that might mitigate the price in the long run! We collaborated with our Architectural Walls Specialist, Andrew Chivers, to highlight six reasons for choosing demountable walls over drywall.

1) Demountable Walls Depreciates Faster

Unlike conventional construction, which depreciates over decades, demountable walls are considered furniture and can fully depreciate in less than ten years. This significantly offsets the cost difference between drywall and demountable walls.

2) Installation is Mess-Free and Quick

Installing architectural walls take a fraction of the time; there’s no mudding, coating or sanding involved, making it virtually mess-free. Movable walls are a pressure fit, so there is no damage to the ceiling or floor, but the steel frame keeps the wall sturdy and secure. Depending on the project, our team can be in and out within an evening or weekend, transforming your workspace in just a few short hours. 

3) We Can Easily Reconfigure Your Space

It’s as simple as it sounds—demountable walls are demountable! Our specialists can quickly reconfigure your workspace, whether you need to create a meeting room for video conferences or a private office for the new hire. We can also easily dismantle the walls into smaller components and ship them to a new space.

4) Ten-Year Warranty

In traditional construction, the client typically gets a one-year construction warranty. Teknion’s Architectural Interiors carry a full ten-year warranty, offering buyers more security with their purchase.

5) You Have Options

There are plenty of Architectural Interior product lines to choose from, whether you’re looking for something more light and seamless or double panelled and sound resistant. We can also integrate a multitude of accessories such as magnetic whiteboards, black painted glass, tack boards, and new emerging technologies. The different finishes and door options encourage customers to create a personalized touch.

6) Sustainability

Due to the level of recycled content in our demountable walls, they also help hit your LEED targets. Movable walls also have GREENGUARD® Indoor Air Quality, 0% PVC, and a NAUF (Non-Added Urea-formaldehyde) option.

Want to Learn More?

There are a few different factors to consider when deciding on demountable walls. Thankfully, our wall specialists are happy to guide you through everything from the product selection to the installation process and aftercare. Want to learn more? Contact us today.

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