How to Create Privacy Within an Office Space

As we return to work, it’s almost guaranteed that there will be more demand for privacy. The post-COVID workplace will feature more barriers, space and sanitation points to protect employees as we transition into our new normal. Every business will set their own privacy standards and every employee will have their own set of boundaries. Regardless of your vision, there are many products that offers different degrees of privacy to accommodate virtually any office space. Here’s some of our favourite divisional solutions for the workplace. 

Movable Walls

Movable walls, glass walls or architectural interiorsit’s all the same! Movable walls can be customized and installed in any office space to create instant divisional privacy. Teknion offers a large selection of movable walls with multiple customizable options. The glass exterior will keep the area open and utilize natural light, while also providing a soundproof space. Need more privacy? Consider a fogged glass finish! Check out some of their options below.

Teknion | Architectural Interiors 

Telephone Booths

Telephone booths started becoming a popular office trend prior to COVID-19. Why? They’re one of the quickest and most effective ways to create instant privacy within the office. Telephone booths are soundproof and take up a small amount of space, providing a distraction-free retreat for employees to focus. They’re ideal for occasional, short-term individual privacy—whether you’re making a quick phone call or pushing for a deadline. Our top choice is the Tek Booth by Teknion. It’s interior features an acoustic tackboard, a bar-height work surface and a bag hook. It creates the perfect place to focus and get work done!

Teknion | Tek Booth 

Wellness Screens

Wellness screens—also known as sneeze and cough guards—are designed for areas with regular public exposure, such as customer service points, receptions and cashiers. They are generally made with plexiglas and acrylic surfaces for complete transparency and easy sanitation. There are different wellness screen options for temporary and permanent solutions. Stop the spread of germs and viruses by keeping your fontline staff safe and protected.

Global Furniture Group | Wellness Screens

Freestanding Screens

Freestanding screens can be a great cost-effective approach for instant divisional privacy. It also provides the most flexibility, allowing users to quickly manipulate spaces as they see fit. Although it won’t offer complete isolation, it will provide enough space separation to encourage safe distancing within the office. There are several brands that features a wide range of freestanding enclosures, providing semi-private solutions for individual work and group collaboration. Need some inspiration? Check out some configurations below!

Nienkämper | Nomad® Screens


Many of us are feeling zoom-fatigued and look forward to face-to-face communication with our coworkers. With this said, workplace collaboration and casual office chit-chat may reach an all time high once we return. Effective acoustics can reduce frequencies and echos, allowing employees to focus and have more private conversations. There are a variety of acoustic options to accommodate different work spaces. Acoustic panels can also double up as a way to provide divisional privacy! See some of Snowsound’s examples below.

Snowsound | Acoustic Panels

Creating privacy within the workplace will help keep employees safe as we continue to stop the spread of COVID-19. Let us help you choose the best privacy solutions for your office. Contact our team of experts today!

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