Commercial Office Furniture and Design Trends in 2021: The Hybrid Workplace

It’s a new year, and a lot has changed. Many employees are permanently or temporarily working from home, shifting office dynamics. As we lift measures, there will be a period where only part of the workforce returns to the office, while others continue to work from home. This split creates a hybrid workplace, which is a new concept for many companies. Here are some commercial furniture trends for the 2021 hybrid office.

Screens, Panels, and Movable Walls

It’ll be a long time before we are truly out of the woods, so workplace screens should be a staple in any office space. Consider incorporating protective guards in high trafficked areas, such as receptions, to keep staff safe. Screens and movable walls are a great aesthetic way to divide workstations. The power spine by Teknion is a great cost-effective solution to provide spatial division within the office while also acting as an additional power source! The customizable details will help match your current aesthetic, making the divisional pieces feel more integrated. 

Power Spine by Teknion

Informal Meeting Spaces

There will be fewer people in the office, from staff to guests. The average hybrid office won’t need as many workstations and won’t fully utilize large boardrooms. So what’s the solution? Create more semi-private and private informal meeting spaces that provide enough room for a small group to collaborate safely or video conference. Booths, cafe tables, media units and lounge pieces are a great way to create small informal meeting spaces. River Plus by Global Furniture Group is a modular lounge seating collection that can be configured into new collaboration spaces. Choose a highback option to increase the level of privacy and integrate power into the seat to keep people charged throughout their meeting. 

Supportive Technologies 

Digital meetings have become a regular part of our work life, and it’ll be an essential form of communication in a hybrid workplace. Incorporating more power sources and screens will support our new way of collaborating. It will also encourage people to leave their workstation for video conferences, creating less distraction within the office. Power can be routed into a variety of commercial furniture, such as divisional panels, tables, and lounge pieces. Media units are a great way to create an instant video conferencing hub. Three h’s MEETING collection features a wide range of customizable, power integrated tables to help create supportive meeting spaces. Their Media Table features power and a mounted TV in a single unit, creating the perfect video conferencing spot. 

MEETING by Three h

Home Office Setups

In a hybrid office, our workplace doesn’t stop within our office boundaries; it expands to people’s home offices. It’s important to set your staff up for success by providing them with the right furniture and accessories. Make sure your team is equipped with the office essentials, from ergonomic seating and height-adjustable desks to effective storage solutions and monitor arms. Heartwood has a variety of high quality and cost-effective home office products to keep your team supported and productive.

Private Office by Heartwood

The workplace is evolving, and we’re evolving with it. Discover new commercial office solutions to support our new way of conducting business. Contact our team to transform your space today.

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