A Letter From Our Owner | Q4-2020

As a company, Allwest has persevered through these challenging times. We have continued to take on new projects and have helped new and existing clients adapt their workspace to meet the changing demands. Our team has continued to work tirelessly to make sure each project is carried out safely and efficiently. We’ve also remained committed to investing in a better future, which is why we could not be more proud of our new office space. Not only does it provide a fresh restart for our team, but it demonstrates our commitment to remain an industry leader. We look forward to showcasing the people, products and services that make our company sought after by so many designers, contractors, project leaders, and end customers. Our sales team will be reaching out to customers to schedule a private tour when it is safe to do so. We look forward to welcoming guests to our new facility!

I would like to take a moment to thank our Alberta frontline workers who have made Alberta safer and healthier. They have worked tirelessly throughout this pandemic to care for our friends, relatives, and workers. I came to Alberta over two decades ago for the entrepreneurial spirit and pioneer background of helping one another through tough times and sharing the good times’ rewards. We are certainly in a tough time, but Albertans will continue to work together for a better tomorrow. At Allwest we try to help Albertans where we can by making their day better than yesterday.

Sometimes the future is cloudy, but with the power of optimism, there is nothing that we cannot overcome. I truly believe 2021 will be better. Our mission is to “Change the Way People Work,” and we have not deterred from this mission as we continue to help businesses navigate the changing work environment.

Happy Holidays,

Sam Shaw, Owner of Allwest Furnishings


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