Our Favourite Ergonomic Accessories For Your Home Office

Working from home longer than expected? It might be time to reevaluate your work space. Many people are experiencing aches and pains from their temporary office setup. Poor office ergonomics, along with taking infrequent breaks, can lead to improper posture and reduce circulationcausing headaches, eyestrain and body pain. You may not be ready to invest in a height adjustable desk, but there are a few small accessories that can help improve your overall comfort and wellness. Here are some of our favourite ergonomic accessories for your home office.

Laptop Holder

Many of us are stuck working on our laptops and oftentimes find ourselves hunched over peering down at the screen. A great solution for this is a laptop tray! It acts as a monitor arm by positioning the laptop at an ergonomically correct viewing height, reducing strain on your back, neck and eyes. There are multiple design options from larger monitor arms, to small and compact trays. In any case, it’s ideal to pair them with a wireless mouse and keyboard so you don’t cause unnecessary strain in your shoulders or back.

Laptop Supports | ErgoCentric

Sit to Stand Converters

Not ready to invest in a height adjustable desk, or you simply don’t have the space? Try a sit to stand converter! Turn any work surface—your home desk, kitchen table or counter—into a sit to stand work surface. We spend so much of our day seated and with digital meetings we may find ourselves less mobile throughout the day. Although we cannot stress enough the importance of taking frequent breaks, a sit to stand converter will keep you more active and prevent slouching. Ergonomic Tip: if you’re new to height adjustable surfaces, it’s best to gradually work your way into it. Try initially standing for only 30-60 mins a day.

WorkFit-TX Standing Desk Converter | Ergotron

Monitor Arms

Similar to laptop trays, monitor arms elevate your screen to provide a supportive view height. Setting your monitor at the right height, angle and distance can help reduce back and neck pain, headaches and eye strain. A lifted monitor will also create more space on your desk, providing a more clean and minimal look. Decluttered work spaces help you keep organized, allowing you to be more productive and reduce stress. Whether it’s one, two or three screens—they will sure improve your posture and comfort! 

MAST | Teknion


There are many components to sitting comfortably, and your feet are one of them. Although you can not underestimate the importance of a ergonomic task chair, there are small accessories that can provide support while seated. An ergonomic footrest changes the position of your hips, legs, ankles and lower back to reduce static muscle loading and fatigue from sitting all day. Allowing your feet to be placed firmly on the ground can also promote healthy circulation and posture.  Of course you can always create your own makeshift footrest; however, if this is a recurring problem then try investing in something you can take back to the office!

Foot Flexer | ErgoCentric

Sometimes the small accessories can make the biggest difference. See how ergonomic accessories can improve your home office. Contact our experts today! 


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