Spice up your business lunch in the name of creativity!

Does another invite to the regular big box restaurants have you feeling uninspired? Ready to sample out a new restaurant for your business lunch or happy hour meeting? Consider a local venue! Now more than ever we are striving to support local businesses.

Dining at local restaurants supports employees relying on income and tips for their livelihood in our city and it’s easy to agree that these businesses add fresh life and personality to our community. In Edmonton, we are fortunate to have so much selection and handfuls of local, unique, and interesting locations.

No matter where you are located or looking to meet, there is always an exciting new place popping up on the corner or a secret destination that will be sure to not disappoint. And why not? Trying new things is FUN!

Although business lunches or meetings tend to have an agenda; creating meaningful connections along the way is sure to help whatever you are trying to cultivate through business, as well. Trying new places keeps things entertaining. Who knows? You might learn something new about your guest as well, such as a hidden karaoke talent or that they are a trivia extraordinaire.

Boost creativity! Bring the team to a new-found lunch spot and brainstorm! Switching up our routine and sampling something different just might be the reset needed to foster creative ideas and innovation.

With so much business growth happening in Leduc and Nisku all signs point to a stop at Habaneros Mexican Gill. This spot just got a little sweeter too, especially since they are now offering delivery. Habaneros is a family restaurant where you can escape to Mexico. Just 12 minutes from south Edmonton or one exit away from the Airport outlet mall, Leduc isn’t as far as you think. Habaneros started when two guys traveled to Mexico and wanted to recreate the experience at home. So, brothers Jim and Don started hiring a chef down in Cabo San Lucas to teach them all the secrets and the traditional recipes. Trust us – it feels and tastes authentic! The mood of this place screams Mexico and your senses will be delighted! The scent of blended flavors, sizzling skillets being delivered to tables, fresh home-made salsas with varying levels of spice. Do not leave without trying the Camarones Momias Shrimp stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese and wrapped in bacon. The shrimp are so big, that they take more than one slice of bacon to go around each one! Beware, these are addictive.

​Long day at the office and looking for a quick place to switch up the mood while downtown. Alchemy is a new cocktail bar in the Ice District, hidden behind a secret bookshelf on the fifth floor of the JW Marriot hotel. The bookcase is on hinges and swings open taking you to the cocktail lounge. It opens at 5 pm and is a perfect refreshing location for bar snacks, and a one-of-a-kind cocktail.

Trying to get the entire group together family style? Dim Sum might be the solution.  The definition of dim sum is to eat a bunch of small dishes together with other people, like the Spanish concept of a Tapas-style menu. Perfect for groups and an expansive menu offering is terrific for adventure and experimentation within the cuisine. Walking in, you will find big circular tables usually with spinning centers.  This style of dining leaves nurtures connection as the portions come out slowly on carts leaving room for genuine communication. The waiter pushes the carts around the tables, and you can take off items as you wish. What better way to foster creativity than by trying new things?

Grabbing a quick coffee or sandwich and need a spot that will impress? Consider a local place that offers sandwiches, coffee, and fresh baked goods. Farrow has four locations nestled within the city- 124 St, Jasper Ave, Ritchie, and Garneau. Flavors at Farrow are always switched up and the menu changes regularly. Even avid coffee drinkers will not be disappointed – hosting some of the best coffees from independent roasters worldwide. They have something for everyone and strive to serve high-quality ingredients. Best of all, a secret weapon for office catering as well! Breakfast meetings, Lunch meetings, office parties, or skipping away to their tucked-away locations for an intimate meeting on a warm day. Take our advice: the Grick Middle is a must-try! Fried Egg, Bacon, Rosemary Aioli, Smoked Cheddar, Tomato Jam, and Arugula. After your first bite, the yolk breaks in the sandwich, and all the flavors blend for one of the most amazing sandwiches ever created. Beware though, you will not eat this sandwich only once. You will crave it and you will want to share this find with others.

Whether you are meeting for breakfast, lunch, happy hour, or dinner we hope this read is a gentle reminder to try something new and support locals. Enjoy the remainder of the warm days ahead by people-watching on a patio, connecting with friends or business colleagues, and supporting the local community we all know and love.

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