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    Alberta Carpenters & Allied Workers

    The Alberta Carpenters and Allied Workers (ACAW) Trust Funds is a pension plan and a health and wellness benefits plan. The ACAW needed a bigger space to support their current and future growth. We were proud to work alongside the ACAW team to create a workspace that met each employee’s needs, supporting their daily activities while facilitating collaboration.

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    We were hands-on with the ACAW team in this project to ensure that each space worked for them. Other partners that contributed to the project’s success include Bird Construction. The scope of the project included:

    • 24 Workstations
    • 5 Private Offices
    • An Executive Office
    • Lounge Seating
    • A Lunchroom
    • An Interview Space
    • A Large Boardroom

    A chat with our client

    Mechele Haymour, Key Advisor at Allwest Furnishings with Bob Provencher, Chair Board of Trustees at ACAW

    What was your key vision for this project?

    We ran out of space in the building we are currently in. We built this building essentially to house staff and as much of that to say to the membership that we’re doing well, we’re here for a very long time, and pensions and benefits are well and safe… When we initially talked, I asked him [architect] to come in and look at what staff was doing, what their work entailed and then design a building that accommodated the ability to achieve those challenges.

    Bob Provencher, ACAW


    Explain your experience with Allwest in this project. 

    It’s been very busy. We’ve had a successful project with Allwest and a very successful project with Bird Construction. I don’t think we’ve had any real challenges with either… There is nobody, myself included, who’s above anybody else. Everyone has an equal space on that team, being the architect, furnishings consultant, or installers.

    Bob Provencher, ACAW


    I feel this project was a rare treat and one where all the pieces fell into place even better than I anticipated. I believe it was the confluence of all elements that ensured the success of this project. Starting with something as simple as proximity to our own office, so traffic during installation was minimal, to building access that could receive trailers of furniture directly, and even the weather during product offload was favourable. The building itself erected by Bird Construction, was nothing short of amazing, with features that complemented our furniture designs and layouts. The install team knocked this one out of the park, completing the build well ahead of schedule with unrivalled finish quality.

    Everyone that had a part in this project from planning to closeout, should very proud of what was created.

    Nathan Martin, Project Manager


    What does the finished space represent to you and your team?

    I wanted to make sure that this team was included in this project and that has it’s own rewards. That’s not my normal method of operation, but it’s worked very well. People are excited about the space… These people spend more time in the office than they do anywhere else, it needs to be comfortable and allow us to do the work efficiently. It’s hard to get a chair that fits and we were able to accommodate 25 personalities… Pension and benefits can be a challenging place to work and we wanted to remove some of the challenges that weren’t required and certainly, furnishings do that, they’re part of the tools we were using.

    Bob Provencher, ACAW


    We were so specific, and for the team, it was so important to them that furniture worked for the team. It wasn’t just about the building, it was about the furniture. It was refreshing for me to work with you [Bob] because you put what I am near and dear to first. It put a value on what I was doing for your team. I got to know the team as we went through, we made friends during the process. You learn about their needs, their specific needs. They needed deep worksurfaces and sturdy files for the papers and the pensions. We even had to make sure there was enough room in the aisle to maneuver one of these big carts around and push into a workstation… Bob was also specific on clean work surfaces and organization since they deal with special paperwork daily. It was really a joy for me to have such care.

    Mechele Haymour, Key Advisor