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Create A Healthy Workplace

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Change is inevitable. As we return to a new normal, we return to a new workplace. Find wellness solutions that keep your team safe and healthy.

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We Change The Way People Work

We believe in the power of people. From our knowledgeable consultants to our highly skilled installers, our team specializes in planning and outfitting creative workspaces.

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Teknion designs products that work across boundaries, within any architectural envelope and work culture - furniture that works wherever you work.

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Stanley A. Milner Library

The Stanley A. Milner Library redefines the way communities interact with libraries. This 28,000 square foot space went through an $84.5-million renovation, which stretched over three and a half years! Stanley A. Milner Library is home to North America’s largest interactive wall, which features over 324 LED screens and is powered by 12 computers. The Milner Library is located in downtown Edmonton and offers a space for both children and adults to create, learn, and explore.

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How to Create Privacy Within an Office Space

As we return to work, it’s almost guaranteed that there will be more demand for privacy. The post-COVID workplace will feature more barriers, space and sanitation points to protect employees as we transition into our new normal. Every business will set their own privacy standards and every employee will have their own set of boundaries.…Read More

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